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Timeless People Making A Difference

In a society that often associates power with fame and fortune there are greater values that measure impact and influence - love, loyalty, integrity, generosity, commitment, and service.
In her seventh book Timeless People Making A Difference AlexSandra Lett shares stories of fascinating folks who have enriched the lives of others.

Their contributions vary …
* nurturing families
* building businesses
* creating towns
* changing communities

All enrich the lives of others.
Some are considered special heroes in their community.
Some are called superstars who rise to greatness.

The author researched and interviewed lots of individuals, couples, family members, and their friends. She reviewed clippings from various decades and collected many photographs ranging back 100 years and chose chose a few incredible for the first in a series of books about people who she considers...
Timeless People Making a Difference!
© 2019 Hardcover
ISBN: 978-0-9970324-4-4
Hardcover 6” x 9”, 231 pages

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Timeless People Making A Difference

For more information see the Table of Contents
Foreword - Planting Seeds
1: Phil Yarborough’s Dream: Supplying Milk and Ice Cream
2: Ingram Family’s Bottling Business Grows and Benefits Others
3: Mary Carolyn Reeves Bass O’Neal Believes in ‘Neighborly Love’
4: Sam Bass Ignites Imagination with Boats, Children, Art, and Theatre
5 Isabel Heins Lawrence Feels Blessed with Faith and Family
6 Printing Company Experiences Dramatic Changes During 134 Years
7: Three Generations of Mann Family Move Sanford Forward
8: Kindred Spirits Share Their Love by Serving Others
9: Robert Reives II: Giving His Best as a Person and a Politician
10: Musician Gregg Gelb Makes Magic with Marvelous Melodies
11: Van Ray Groce Sr.: Building Dreams for 50 Years
12: Mabel McNeill Highlights Inner and Outer Beauty
13: Bob Dalrymple Makes Mark on Agriculture and Education
14: Cecil and Faye Cameron Focus on Giving to Community
15: Garland Smith Represents Best of Broadway, NC
16: Maxine Patterson Is Applauded by Big Family and Caring Community
17: Lux Lett: Hard Work and Soft Hearts Are Keys to Success
18: Sharon Wood Lett Demonstrates a Servant’s Heart
Afterword - Reaping the Harvest

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